Let's be honest, we all face these problems when we want to kickstart a change in ourselves.
  • Always wanting to be healthy and get fit in shape but not sure what to do.
  • Googled for solutions, but not sure where to begin because there were too many information.
  • Overwhelmed by the different kind of exercises, but still end up not seeing results as expected.
  • Eat clean for a week, and relapse back to eating our favourite Malaysian food. 🤤🤤🤤🤤🤤🤤🤤🤤🤤🤤🤤🤤
  • Hard to sustain, lose commitment and interest easily.
  • ​
  • ​
  • ​
  • and the list can goes on.......
If you really have the desire to Transform Yourself Into A Better Version in 2021, then you're going to LOVE "MUV FIT Online Transformation Challenge" that unlike any fitness programs you ever heard or participate before!



Get Inspired by Real People


Brandon, 51 yrs old

I love this program, it really helped me to reduce my excessive weight and achieve my body goal. The best thing is that, I no longer feel breathless when climbing up the staircases! The best gift ever I give to myself.

Katrina, 27 yrs old

Coach Ben is very very patient, he guided me step by step throughout the entire 8 weeks challenge, especially those helpful precious tips to lose my body fats. I'm so thankful for that because I can finally see my prominent abs lines now!!

Jazz, 33 yrs old

I learned so much on how to take care my own diet combining workout through this program. I can now still maintain my 24% of body fats with 1-2 times workout per week! Thanks coach Ben for always so supportive.

This is WHY we customized MUV FIT Online Transformation Challenge for you.

To Be Fit, Feel Strong, And Look Good

The Best Version of Yourself

in 2021!

What you'll get:​


  • Personalized Meal Plan

  • Specialized Workout Classes

  • 1 - on - 1 Coaching

  • Online Health Sharing Workshop

  • 24/7 Support Group

  • Fitness Tips



- 5 Days Online Specialised Group Training

- 10 Days Diet Solution




- 3 Days Personal Training

- 5 Days Online Specialised Group Training

- 21 Days Diet Solution

- 3 FREE Welcome Post Workout Shake

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